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Good thread Wayne. On my technique to return a Passion persons Tazr battery charger, trying to find viewpoint on what variety to purchase. Batteries at the moment are all NIMH and NICD, on the lookout for anything straightforward to system and never Expense an arm in addition to a leg. Want suggest

The exception to the above might be the Sanyo Eneloop fashion batteries. These are meant to maintain their demand, and will likely not have to have a recharge if absolutely billed inside the last year or so. (Promises 85% of cost at one particular yr.) When you charge at C/ten or decrease you should not damage your battery Except you leave it on for an exceedingly very long time. (Fashionable cells have an oxygen recycling catalyst which helps prevent damage to the battery on overcharge, but this recycling can not sustain When the charge price is above C/10.)

Will not depart a nickel-based mostly battery during the charger for quite a lot of days. If possible, clear away the packs and utilize a short charge ahead of use.

Indeed and so they do get sizzling. For instance there are flawlessly billed And that i usually do not go fly for a month , do I cost them once more , and when so at what rate? I still have some ni-cad batt which might be all most twenty years outdated plus they still function fairly perfectly ! Unfortunate'ly they are receiving less and less out there . Anton

The report has fully Erroneous data!  Rapid charging mode destroys the batteries. Why they create the bullshit? The intend to make their sales pitch, or They are really idiots. A gradual charging system with automatic swap-off dependant on calculated battery capability will lengthen the battery life around a thousand cycles.

Many thanks Wayne for the great details . I have experienced a good amount of my ni-mh batt not maintain there mentioned mah . The cells are rated as 1800 and usually we get only 50 % of that. Many of us , In particular me just put in almost any superior quantity to have them billed ASAP for getting towards the slope !

In operation the NiMH cell has lots of similar properties to the more familiar NiCd. It follows an exceedingly equivalent discharge curve to that on the NiCad permitting for the extra charge it might take.

Your remark about dT currently being a lot more precise than PVD is helpful simply because BQ2002 only measures absolute temp and never level of temp. It's possible I’ll hunt for a controller with this particular additional characteristic. Or I could create my very own software package, but it would be pleasant to get anything ‘out in the box’.

I am attempting to electricity a little circuit drawing close to 100mA max with six, 3100mA non guarded li-ion batteries in collection providing 22.2v. The batteries are to my blog get linked to a six mobile pcm (defense circuit board) through which the circuit will draw the availability.

  My expertise is the fact lasting small useful link existing charging (underneath 1/15) may possibly degrade battery performance.  If possible, I suggest you setup to demand at .1C for fourteen several hours.  As an apart, justification me whilst I point out to Frank the funds ‘C’ to designate Ability was made use of accurately by both equally of us.

Though charging under frequent latest load, the voltage is monitored repeatedly by a microprocessor ADC typically in order to detect a 5mv or fewer fall for each mobile just after possibly analog or algorithmic smoothing. To be clear, Certainly, the voltage is monitored while the demand recent is applied.

Also, NiMH are delicate to damage on overcharge once the cost fee is about C/10. For the reason that delta V bump is not really usually simple to see, slight overcharge is probable.

I’m intending to make an built-in charger utilizing a BQ2002/F chip. It may possibly sense a fall of 2.five mV following peaking, and uses averaging of numerous voltage other measurements.

The NiMH charger then applies more current reductions given that the demand progresses. This scheme continues until eventually the battery is totally charged. This method of charging is known as the “step-differential charge” strategy. It's worth noting that it really works effectively for all nickel-centered cells and batteries.

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